The Importance of Forests

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How does one see the world with trees everywhere? How about a world with not one in site? Forests are natural resources that are beneficial to humans and species. They house many species and help the earth remain robust by, (holding soil together), keeping the water cycle in balance, and cleaning the air. Forests have been used since man first stood. As time has gone by, the forests population has been declining because of societies taking them down in order to make space for buildings, farm land, and to produce utilities. Today, they are being destroyed at a rate of about 45,000 square mile (105,000 per year, equivalent in size to the state of Ohio (Lampton 29). It is estimated that more than one half of the earth’s forests have been lost because of deforestation ("Global"). Deforestation causes disruptions to the earth’s cycles in which it affects humans. Although forests provide many resources for humans, deforestation harms human survival because of its effects on the environment.
First of all, deforestation harms the existence of many species in which are used for human medical purposes and for nourishment. Forest contains more than half the earth’s species, and with the removal of around 17 million hectares every year causes a decline in biodiversity ("Problems”). Some studies state that during every hour of deforestation there is a loss of two to five plant species (Lampton 29). According to a study done by a global team of scientists, as well as researchers from Michigan State University, University of Massachusetts, and University of Oregon, found that removing forest from the environment and using them for other purposes reduced the areas biodiversity (Lamb). This causes a concern because the loss of the plan...

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