The Importance and Influence of Interest Groups in America

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Question #1
After the 2000 presidential election there was great uproar surrounding the supreme court taking on the Bush v Gore case. It had many americans questioning whether the supreme court should have any input on determining the election. Supreme Court Justices have more well thought out opinions on controversial issues than that of the american public. Justices are appointed by presidents and are appointed in the notion of furthering presidential agenda past the the one to two term presidency. This allows for presidents to give the court a partisan leaning, depending on the appointed justice. Years after the landmark decision was made justices admit it was a total mistake to hear the case in the first place. Author Ernest Dumas explains Justice Sandra Day O’connor’s thoughts on the case “The court, she said, probably should have refused to accept the appeal: ‘We're not going to take it. Goodbye.’”. With the evidence that has result of the 2000 election, it was a truly vital mistake in american history. Which has caused america to feel the repercussions for years to come. When Supreme court justices are admitting a mistake it is clearly a mistake that majority of america can comprehend. This decision represents the growth in supreme court influence in recent years. Dumas communicates that the decision to elect President bush was “far-reaching”. In this manner the supreme exceeded its purpose of judicial review and made decisions on based its own partisan views rather than for the greater good.

Question # 3
George W. Bush’s had an anti same sex marriage stance. This reflected public opinion of the early 2000’s. America was not ready for any reform relating to same sex marriage during this era. It was not until recentl...

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...957, 1964, and 1968, in addition to the Voting Rights Act of 1965.” The NAACP has been so powerful in changing our social mindset of racism that it was instrumental in minorities gaining equality in every shape and form. The NAACP is a blueprint for the amount of success interest groups can have. Interest groups will continue to be relevant as groups of americans are being discriminated against . Interest groups assists the most unfortunate americans and the compensation for the rights they deserve.

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