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Practicum Application Essay Throughout the Social Work Program at Winona State University-Rochester, I have been able to expand my knowledge about what it means to be a social worker. Prior to joining this program, when I thought of a social worker, I thought of someone who is highly motivated, compassionate, supportive, and someone who wants to make a difference in somebody’s life. Although this definition is true, overtime I have been able to expand this definition. Now, they are also someone who builds relationships with clients during what are often their lowest points in their lives and they are a person who often will put others needs before their own. Social workers use their knowledge about maintaining a person’s dignity and worth and rely on skills that help them understand people within their environment, and using their training to help people from all walks of life both on the micro level and the macro level. Over the years, I have had a few social work related experiences. One of the main experiences includes my work at the Channel One Food Shelf in Rochester, MN. I began my work there as a volunteer through my field experience course from January 2015…show more content…
One of these qualities is being self-aware, which means being able to assess personal performance and work towards improving it, as well as being open to and accepting both criticism and praise. Being able to set boundaries also can play a role in this. By knowing your role and any personal limitations it can be beneficial in understanding how much can get done in a certain amount of time. Another quality includes being an active listening and reflecting on what the client is saying, as well as being able to understand and read both verbal and non-verbal language. In social work, it is also important to show compassion for what you are doing and to be empathetic towards a client’s situation and

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