The Importance Of The Declaration Of Independence

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Term Paper Assignment 1 Thomas Jeffersons’ Declaration of Independence is one of the most influential writings in the history of the United States. Penned almost two hundred and forty years ago, in an old style of english, that is not used anymore, the Declaration of Independence is still of value. In the Declaration of Independence, Thomas Jefferson used the ideas of people such as Thomas Locke to declare our independence from Great Britain. An explanation of the Declaration of Independence, its’ history and meaning, however brief is required to ascertain its’ importance. After the explanation of the historical context and the document itself, I will then present the position that John Locke, David Hume, and Thomas Hobbes would for the most part support the declaration of independence had they been alive to read it, or see it live to its’ full fruition. I will also include what I believe their reservations against the declaration of independence would be. The Declaration of Independence was written in a time when the 13 colonies were beginning to thrive, but were having their growth stunted by the crown. The King of England, would often levy taxes against the colonists, which they viewed as taxation without representation. Colonists were allowed almost no say in their governments, as they were under governors appointed by the King. Any attempt at forming a native…show more content…
Locke also said that we should help everyone else that we can as long as it does not negatively effect ourselves (Wolff, 19). He believed in natural liberty, or that we have the liberty to do what is morally right. He foresees the need for someone to enforce the laws. In his opinion, laws should be enforced by citizens and perpetrators should be punished by said citizens (Wolff,
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