The Importance Of Team Communication

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Abstract The focus of this paper is to show how communication is a very vital and important factor in a team’s success. I will cover how it helps to identify each individual team member’s role. I will discuss how team communication helps everyone in the team to understand the end goal, and I will also discuss how communication is a vital part of project planning within the team. The Importance of Team Communication Team dynamics is the unseen force that pulls and influences a team to act and react in a certain way, according to (2003). A good team is the one very important element that makes any company successful. Not only is this important to the employer, but this is also important to the success of the employees and team dynamics is probably the single most important task to helping any good manager in building a good, strong team. One of the most important elements in team dynamics is communication. defines communication as “the imparting or interchange of thoughts, opinions or information by speech, writing or signs.” (2006) Communication is the key element that starts a good team off and running in the right direction, it is the main factor that makes sure that every individual member within the group gets the job or task done properly and within the set timeline. Good communication sets the foundation of any good team, just imagine how a lack of communication would affect our military or law enforcement agencies, without communication any vital mission would be chaotic and undoubtedly end in disaster. Probably the most important thing for a team is to understand what it is you are trying to accomplish or what it is your team is working for, what is our end goal we are work... ... middle of paper ... ...989) The seven habits of highly effective people: powerful lessons in personal change. Retrieved April 29, 2008, from (2006) retrieved May 1, 2008 from (2008) “Communication Skills Training.” Retrieved May 15, 2008 from Kotelnikov, Vadim (2008) “Project Communication” Retrieved April 29, 2008 from Levinson, Mark (2008) “Does your team have a mission statement?” Retrieved May, 15, 2008 from (2008) “Teamwork” Retrieved May 17, 2008 from
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