The Importance Of Species Endangerment

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More and more species are becoming endangered every day and around 6000 are already endangered. Species endangerment is causing major issues, in our ecosystems and biosphere, as well as many other big problems that not many people realize and/or do anything to change. Even though there are many causes for extinction, the impact of habitat loss is the major reason that animals are becoming endangered and it is all our fault, the habitats being harvested for human consumption.
Why Does Extinction Matter?
Merriam-Webster defines extinction as the state or situation that results when something such as a plant or animal species has died out completely. Below is a table from National Geographic that details the classifications of endangered and extinct animals.

Species Interdependence
All living things are part of a complex, delicately balanced network called the biosphere. A biosphere is basically the sum of all life on earth, or all ecosystems. It is the global ecological system where all living things interact with each other interdependently. This makes protecting endangered species extra important because the removal of one species can start a chain reaction that will spread through the ecosystem. This means, a lot of times when an animal goes extinct, its absence inevitably affects other living organisms. The food web below shows the importance of a single species and emphasizes the interdependence that exists in an ecosystem. Imagine if the rabbit became extinct? The web would no longer be functional. Food webs are great at showing how all species are energy, we have plants which are producers, animals that are consumers, and at the top of the food web are usually larger animals called predators. All are very nec...

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...oxic pollutants from spreading in our oceans. 83.2% of their money goes towards conservation projects.

The Sierra Club: The Sierra Club is reaching out to people to help promote clean air, water conservation, removal of toxic waste, and other necessary processes for this planet, and all its animals.

The list of endangered animals, provided by many conservation organizations, continues to grow every day. In our world that is obsessed with expansion and profit, other species no longer have a place to live in a natural habitat and go extinct unnaturally very frequently. We face the loss of biodiversity, the most profitable business if we let these animals continue to die out as well as the breakdown of many fragile webs and ecosystems. Listed above are organizations that need volunteers and donations to stop the current wave of extinction. Will you help?
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