The Importance Of Sophistry

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Even though sophistry is seen as an unethical use of persuasion that uses deceit to attain its goals, it is evident that sophisticated arguments can be made using honesty and power. Sophistry or at least the term, sophist, was not seen as a negative term around the fifth century B.C. because Sophists were seen as wise intellectuals during that era (Corlett, 1996). The Athenian Sophistry comes from the Greek term sophos which came about around seventh century B.C. and means wise or clever. The term sophist was seen throughout Greek literature in 490–420 B.C. and meant “teacher” (MacSuibhne, 2010). However, around 465 B.C., Corax took notice of sophists using persuasion to take advantage of others for their own personal gain. The sophists…show more content…
Around the 4th Century B.C., Aristotle developed rhetorical theory, which would be the foundation of education in Europe. According to Aristotle 's rhetorical theory, logic plays a key role in persuading people because it uses a common sense approach (Demırdöğen,2010). Persuading others to do the right thing was Aristotle’s way, and he also believed that while truth could persuade, he also felt that those that are attempting to persuade others should not persuade others to do the wrong thing (Arvanitis & Karampatzos, 2011). Around 1783, Hugh Blair, a Scottish Rhetorican, minister, and lecturer used imaginative writing and spoken word to express himself because he felt that there was power not in just what you say, but in the beauty of the words that you choose to say them (Carbone,…show more content…
Aristotle and Hugh Blair’s understanding of persuasion affected their communication behaviors. The way that Aristotle and Blair understood persuasion influenced the content of their messages, the channels that they used to deliver their messages, and the way that they responded to adversity when delivering their messages. Both persuasionists have been influential throughout history and have given invaluable tools to those that desire to gain influence through the use of

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