The Importance Of Revenge In Frankenstein

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Frankenstein is a classic novel written by Mary Shelley that has been praised and modernized in numerous ways. The story begins with an explorer, Robert Walton, who is trying to find a passage to the north. A couple weeks into the journey the crew finds ,at the time, an unknown man who is near death, Victor Frankenstein. While on the ship, Frankenstein tells Walton his story, which Walton writes down and sends to his sister, these letters serve as the outer frame of this frame story. During Frankenstein’s childhood his parents took in an orphan named Elizabeth who later had to nurse Victor’s mom who was sick with scarlet fever, she died days later. The story tells how a man decides to create a new life form out of good intentions. Once…show more content…
The main part of the book that captured me was whether or not the monster was wrong for invoking revenge. In the story it is easy to understand why the monster wants revenge and who he wants revenge on, but the part that stuck out to me most was whether or not to invoke revenge on people based off natural human reaction or just invoke revenge on his father because he decided to abandon him. “I am alone, and miserable; man will not associate with me…” (Shelley 171). This statement alone showcases how the monster is alone and how he can show human-like qualities. Out of all the memorable and relatable points in the novel, this one tops the charts as being a thought almost everyone has had. This is why I loved this book Shelley showcased many emotions and problems that happen on a day to day basis that captured the minds of young adults trying to find…show more content…
The way Shelley constructed the outer frames of the story to play a huge role in the actual plot is amazing. My favorite part wa how Shelley used setting even if a complete setting wasn’t there, “saw many ruined castles standing on the edges of precipices, surrounded by black woods, high and inaccessible” (Shelley 144). This evidence showcases castle ruins, which were known for supernatural occurrences and torturing others, also how it was block by nature shows as a warning to not enter the ruin. Shelley successfully used many elements to portray signs, warning and knowledge that will only be caught if the reader is actually paying attention and on occasion has background knowledge. I would definitely recommend this to a friend, the piece of literature is outstanding and should be shared with the

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