The Importance Of Professional Development

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Professional development of the teaching profession is extremely important because ‘continuous growth and transformation of new roles and responsibilities assumed by academics, require constant learning and upgrading in the way educators go about their jobs, and the changing structure of their work ecology’ (Othman & Dahari, 2011,p.127). High-quality professional development is at the centre of every modern proposal thus is a crucial tool towards providing quality education (Guskey, 2000). Teaching profession is a ‘knowledge profession’ and knowledge has and is the legitimizing aspect of the teaching profession. As with many other professions, ‘knowledge that is acquired, stored, and dispensed without having any affect on the organization should, perhaps, be called ‘trivia’. For knowledge to actually be meaningful it needs to induce ‘change’ (Wikibooks, 2012, p.1). Darling-Hammond (2000) reflects that student learning depends, largely on what educators know and what they can do with knowledge. Change happens when continuous and effective professional development is provided (Gusk...
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