The Importance Of Personal Finance

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America’s youth spends most of their adolescence in school, learning how to comprehend different varieties of Maths, English, Science, and Social studies. These subjects are taught and lengthened from elementary school all the way to high school, however, there are many other skills that students will need to understand before heading out into the world by themselves that are not an option in all high schools. Not all high schools have courses that teach information such as how to do taxes, home economics, home care, healthcare, and much more that every person will use in their daily lives. While some schools do offer personal finance as a class, it is not a class that is mandatory and is more commonly used as a filler class instead of one…show more content…
And also to help evolve student scheduling for the already existing classes in some high schools, for example, home economics, personal finance, and carpentry classes to be easier accessible. Personal Finance should be a mandatory class to graduate or at least it should be able to merge into other mathematics courses. The other skill classes should simply be available to every student in the American high school system as an optional class group. To graduate in North Carolina, a student must have four mathematics, English, and history, and three science courses. With the core classes, each student is required a physical activity, and health class and four subjects that co-exist within a field. A problem with this rule is in a hypothetical situation, say a student had followed theatre as an interest field for most of their high school career up to their senior year. They come to find that in their last semester before that person graduates, they need one more field study course, yet the fourth year theatre class is filled, in today’s school system, that student would be required to then enter the beginner class for another completely different course in the Art group. This could go from chorus, dance, band, or a number of things catered to whatever that particular high school offered. If some of these life skills classes were introduced into a schooling schedule, it may be in the school system’s best interest to allow the student to take one of those classes instead of forcing the student to take something they perhaps have no interest in and would most likely eventually become a filler class. The life skills class will probably be more beneficial to the student, especially in this scenario as the student is represented as a senior. Life skill classes could also make up their own field of study for the students who have more interest in what to expect
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