The Importance Of My Life

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Out of my nineteen years of being alive, I have learned many lessons but there is one important lesson that will never leave me in my entire life. It was my junior year in high school and spring break was coming up, a friend and I were invited to go to the beach for a week with another friend and his family. Being in high school and at the age I was, I told my mom that my friends and I would be drinking and that the adults knew about it. The week before leaving for Emerald Isle, North Carolina my mom sat me down and had a talk with me about drinking and when and where the right time is to drink. As the week went on my mom would always bring up drinking and tell me the consequences of it and what decisions you make when you consume a certain amount. I would always tell her, “I know mom, you don’t have to keep telling me every day”. As the week was slowly wounded down, I was getting more and more anxious to leave. Finally it was time to leave, as im saying goodbye to my parents for the week my mom tells my friends mom that…show more content…
My friends and I where so excited to finally get to the beach that we just threw our bags in the rooms, and sprinted straight towards the water to get in. The first day was ending and then we get a surprise, nobody knew that the house was split in half; therefore, another family showed up for the week and was staying right next to us. The family that showed up was a very nice family with kids our age, so the week automatically had got better. As we introduce ourselves, us teenagers tell the parents that we were going to explore the pier that was just down the beach. Everyone was a little shy at first but somebody had to break the ice with the answer that everyone wanted to know. I break the ice by asking the four girls if they like to drink, and they immediately say yes they do. From then on out everyone got to know each other more and more throughout the
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