The Importance Of Motivation

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“If student’s aren’t motivated, it is difficult if not impossible to improve their academic achievement, no matter how good the teacher, curriculum or school” (Alexandra, 2012). Motivation is a key factor into students education. It is defined as something that energizes, directs and sustains behavior, it gets students moving, point them in a particular direction, and keeps them going (Ormrod, 2008). If students aren’t motivated to learn they will not absorb information and may not develop goals and dreams academically. There are many types, styles and theories that help motivate students in and out of the classroom. Motivation helps students develop and excel at expectations for themselves. Motivation is both individual and group
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It is defined as “resulting from factors external to the individual and unrelated to the task being preformed” (Ormrod, 2008). Students could be offered rewards, have appropriate competition and have relevance of instruction. An example of an extrinsic reward from Teacher 1 was allowing students to have tests slips. If a student studies for a test at home and has it signed by a parent they may get extra points; if they miss some but never get over 100%. Another way they motivate their students extrinsically is by having drawing each week of students who get slips with their name on it for turning in a permission slip early, being the first one ready in class or getting 100% on a test. The rewards for the drawings are academic materials such as erasers, pens, folders and notebooks. Once a month the grade gets together (except students with detention) and has treats and drawings again. Another extrinsic motivation Teacher 1 mentioned was “money” ranging from 50 to 200 that has the classes’ pictures on them. This is done toward the second half of the year. The students collect the “money” and at the end of the year they can use the “money” on iPads, bikes, games and toys. This was only for the fifth grade students. Advantages of extrinsic motivation are that it changes behaviors quickly, it requires little effort or preparation, and requires little knowledge of the student. Disadvantages are provides…show more content…
Contributing to a source if bias can affect students motivation. Teachers need to remember not to lower expectations due to sex, race, appearance, student’s behavior, and more. Sex can lower expectations for boys and girls. Examples are saying that Girls mature faster and boys always misbehave. Race also lowers expectations because some may think it is a set back to be a minority or even think being a minority means your better than everyone else. Depending on student’s clothes and their hygiene teachers may become bias of their type of living environment. Some teachers may even give students with poor behavior less homework or fewer expectations because of it. Tracking and grouping students can also affect their motivation. When placed in a different class because of ability the student my start doubting themselves or start believing they are different or less then others. This always for the students in the upper track to benefit more then the lower and in some cases less qualified teachers are teaching the students who need the most help. Once students are placed in lower ability classes they end up being stuck in them. Teachers need to remember to not be bias against students. Teachers should give verbal and non-verbal warmth and acceptance to all students. They should also
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