The Importance Of Memory

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Memory is very important in everyone’s lives. Without the previous memory, or memory of the past, probably most of people can’t even think about what the future has in store. People wouldn’t be able to remember what they did yesterday, today, or tomorrow. Without it, people can’t learn new things, or anything at all. Learning would be futile and void without memory.
I believe every human mind has the ability to learn many new things. Memory hangs on three following stages: encoding, storage, and retrieval. Basically, encoding is the stage in which learning new information and creating a memory piece. There are three main types of encoding: visual (picture), acoustic (sound), and semantic (meaning). Storage is the stage in which the memory piece is placed into a folder. Finally, retrieval is the stage in which it recovers the memory piece from where it was kept. The best analogy to this process is filing cabinet. Information is being typed on a paper. Then it is putted in the filing cabinet under right category and when the paper is needed again, it would be retrieved by someone. If ...

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