The Importance Of Learning English Essay

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During the early modern periods, the power of English throughout the British countries and from the early seventeenth century, the English power began extend in the worldwide. Although the English language roots was loaned from many different languages like Latin, French and Germanic. It was and still the most important and used language around the world since it become the language of communication between is the language of technology, science, computing, politics, aviation and tourism. The English language started extending over the world due to many important factors. As the British Empire was expanding by the beginning of nineteenth century, the Industrial revolution was taking place in England for the first time.…show more content…
There are many reasons for why we should learn English. In our early years of school, our first ambition is getting high grades that help us to get the chance of studying in the top universities of the world that are in Great Britain, United States, Canada, Singapore, Malaysia, and Australia. The students that graduate from such universities or even from any university that believes that English is a major and worldwide language, will easily find a better and high-quality job than other students who don 't speak English and know about it well enough. Learning English helps people to be more efficient in their jobs through using different sources like books and websites to improve their skills. In addition of the good skills, the most important skill that all companies look for in any CV is Speaking English Fluently, it means the ability of communicating in English in all sectors. The employee is the image of its company; he represents it in and out of the country. Nowadays, people travel a lot to foreign countries for work or vacation. Some countries like France, Japan, China, Turkey, etc. have their own languages that are very difficult and complicated. Thus they communicate with the tourists in English, the most common International Spoken English. The education in all countries should more concentrate on teaching English and improving students and teachers skills to become more fluent, so the students would be able to find jobs related with their fields, to communicate with people from different culture and nationalities, to travel to foreign countries where visa is only given to people who speak English. For many years, English has been the worldwide language and it will always be. It 's a rich language that improves our knowledge around the
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