The Importance Of Inventions

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Inventions are created by the people and for the people. Have you ever thought about making an invention that could perhaps...Help society, but in some way, probably not? Inventing is a process; it’s the process of making new ideas, devices, objects and so many other things. Inventions are made sometimes to help out our society, but sometimes it’s not the best thing for society itself. When someone or something creates an invention; it has to take time for everyone to see if they are pleased with it or not. Invention couldn’t ever be forced into society, but it can be recommended for a good reason. The one invention that affected our lives was the telephone which Alexander Graham Bell and assistant, Antonio Meucci…show more content…
For example, it says in the article, “Communication revolutions of the 19th century” that, “The last major communication device to be invented and commercialized during the 19th century was the telephone, which extended voice communication across the world….Unlike the telegraph, telephones needed to be conversational, personal, and private, which required dedicated lines that appeared to be for individual use when they were actually carrying many simultaneous calls.” (Pg. 3) On the other hand, the telephone was created and was shown as a commercial which was spread as a venting session of communication around the world and telephones that gave the advantage to take a conversation on a more personalized level. The telephone has affected our lives by gathering information about the development in the…show more content…
One example, in the article, “Rapidly changing Technologies”, “Why people use cell phones and the Internet often reflects a belief that these technologies will give users greater control over their lives. What people rarely recognize is how their personal style of communication changes, and how communication habits become part of a daily routine.” (Pg. 1) In particular, this means that cell phones and other communication devices have an impact on people’s lives. Many people don’t realize that their idiosyncratic life's changes, and some way or some form of connecting becomes part of their daily living. The telephone affected our lives by making user dependent on it, in some way,
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