The Importance Of Humanism In The Renaissance

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Humanism is defined as a program of study that aimed to replace the scholastic emphasis on logic and philosophy with the study of ancient languages, literature, history, and ethics. They believed that the best possible way to produce political leaders was to educate men in the field of humanities. Those who were humanists preferred old literature, art, and language to the more modern works and language. Latin or Greek was preferred among humanists. Furthermore, the Latin used by humanists was the traditional Latin, not the Latin of the church; this being one of the possible reasons Latin has ceased to be used as a language. Humanism was depicted throughout the Renaissance in the form of both literature and art. As many parts of Western Civilization have,…show more content…
Artists such as Da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Botticelli came from the Renaissance period. Along with these men came new techniques, such as one-point perspective and experimentation with the anatomy and the human body. Many of the works from the Renaissance depicted classic scenes, in keeping with the humanist’s love of the ancient classic works. For example, Leonardo da Vinci’s work The Last Supper depicts a classic scene in the life of a historical figure, Jesus Christ. His technique was also seen as adventurous and he was able to create emotion in the artwork. Botticelli was known for creating scenes of classic mythology such as The Birth of Venus. He stayed away from heavy religious themes in his work, opting for more natural scenes. Michelangelo embraced not only classic and biblical scenes, but also classic art techniques. While he produced several well-known works of art, his most famous is the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel, which he filled with scenes from the book of Genesis. The Creation of Adam is the most recognizable scene on the ceiling today, with both God and Adam reaching for, but not quite touching each

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