The Importance Of Human Nature In Hamlet

Why does human nature have a tendency to believe in information that is unsupported by justifiable data? William Shakespeare examines this problem fault in human nature through his protagonist, Hamlet. When Hamlet loses his father through unnatural causes, Hamlet grows suspicious of the characters around him. He quickly learns that the singing and cheerful disposition of the new King is suspect. In order to further investigate, Hamlet assumes an antic disposition and takes on the behaviours of a mad man. Throughout his play Hamlet, Shakespeare warns the audience against our own human psyche; furthermore he shows us that when we trust in unscrupulous sources, we fail to see the truth. A society founded on truth can
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Shakespeare shows how perceived behaviour can lead others to make wrong conclusions about the character of others. In the case of Hamlet, Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are led by the King and Queen to believe that Hamlet has lost his mind as a result of his grief. Making assumptions about those who are grief-stricken or driven to madness reveals how some people like Rosencrantz and Guildenstern can be led astray by weak observations, generalizations and stereotypes. Relying on generalizations and stereotypes deny an individual the ability to analyze information by examining facts. Shakespeare further validates this universal truth that stereotypes can prevent accurate assessments about human nature after Claudius’ announces that he is King. Hamlet announces that his uncle, Claudius, “doth wake all night singing and dancing”( ) Hamlet, who hears this commotion, says “other countries call us drunks and insult our noble titles, our drunkenness makes lessens our reputation, making us bad people”(1.4.8-34). In this speech, Hamlet reveals that even countries can be affected by wrongful assumptions. Throughout the play Hamlet, Shakespeare shows that it is human nature to make wrongful assumptions when ideas are only supported by stereotypes and unjustified conclusions. Like a person who smiles

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