The Importance Of Homelessness

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No body should have to live on the streets in an article Lemas (2014) stated that, “a massive amount of potential housing is going to waste while more than 600,000 people sleep on the streets” (para.4). The bitter realties are that millions of families as well as individuals will be spending the holidays in the streets. While we are wishing for materialistic complacency these people are hoping for a warm place to sleep. By putting these two problems together the government can address both homelessness and abandoned buildings. In A study done by the National Law Center on Homelessness and Poverty (2007) states that approximately 3.5 million people, 1.35 million of them children, are likely to experience homelessness in a given year (p.1, 2007).…show more content…
Homeless people do not have these skills because they were never taught, have lost them though life experiences and homelessness, or simply cant due to mentally illnesses. Life skills are extremely important to prevent people from becoming homeless. For example, Brian became homeless according Mungo’s Broadway (2015) “Five years ago, Brian 's life changed completely when his mother passed away. His mental health deteriorated and, after spending three months in hospital, he was discharged but he didn 't get the support he needed and didn’t have no where to go he became homeless. Brian is now in St Mungo 's Broadway hostel where he 's rebuilding his life”(para.1). By helping homeless people acquire basic life skills. He or she can transition from being homeless into a productive person of society. According to the Department of Human Services (2015) the governments plans to help homelessness, the first plan is, “Provide emergency and/or transitional shelter to stabilize the homeless and offer them a safe place to reassess and take control of their living situation”(para.1). Providing skills training to homeless people can help homeless people get off the streets and become a productive member of the
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