The Importance Of Friends And Children's Influence For Children

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When you children playing outside in your neighborhood laughing and having so much fun their friends, you look at them and think to yourself saying “children are so innocent and they have zero care in this world, I wish I could go back. Being an adult isn’t really all that cracked up to be.” But the way you think about those children could change if the situation changes to a circle of those same kids around two kids laughing and pushing them around, one on the ground covering up their face and flinching because there is a bigger kid standing right above them. You start to say “why are they beating those kids up? Times are changing? Kids are just horrible these days. I need to help those kids or should I call the police?” For that reason…show more content…
Peer pressure is something most people can’t avoid because they still want to have friends and make them think that they’re cool. Friends can sometimes be a good thing to have and also a bad thing, friends can support if family doesn’t, always be there for you no matter what, have someone to talk to when you can talk to family; you can have fun with and be yourself. And when you’re leaning more to your friends because its trouble at home and you need to escape or because your parents are being too strict for that child and they’re wanting to rebel. That could be a bad thing, that child will end up doing something they are not used to be doing or in the wrong place at the wrong time. Children like to test the waters, they like to be bad, be sneaky and not get caught. Because if their parents say do not go out somewhere, do not hang out with so and so, do not hang around that neighborhood, do not do this and this is where the child’s questions come into play, they want to know why can’t they go? , they want to see for themselves and find out things their parents won’t tell them. Well in this situation there are no parents are around and if they are they don’t talk or interact with their child so the child has to find for themselves or even if they don’t want to find out their friends will either peer pressure them into tagging along or they’ll lie to them saying that they’re going somewhere else that they’ve been warned about. Children and adults are nosey and like to see things that their not supposed to. So when someone says don’t look everybody going to look because its natural reaction just as when you tell a child don’t do this and they turn around and do it anyway , it’s just a natural reaction. Children can up end in situations that you would question yourself and ask how is that even possible? And it’s because of parents negligence and going to friends outside or at school thinking of things to do just
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