The Importance Of Eye Contact

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player in the world that works harder than you?” “He taught me a profound lesson, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, if you aren’t willing to put in extraordinary effort than everyone else will catch up to you.” He was then ask by the interviewer “So you think LeBron just works harder than everyone else”. His response was “Yes”. He was then ask what he thinks drove James to be successful, the teammate simply stated. “I think he has a fear of being average” What a heavy statement.
I find that this is a major difference between those that are successful and those that aren’t, which I have seen personally. Everyone says they want to be successful yet; few are willing to sacrifice the partying with friends, their leisure time or the next big
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This is extremely important when doing business face to face. It gives the person you’re communicating with a comfort and ability to trust you. We have been trained by society to trust people that make eye contact with us and be leery of those that avoid it. Eye contact can speak volumes about you and your brand, letting people know that you mean business. When meeting someone new I always take note if they made eye contact with me or not. It shows a level of professionalism and seriousness. Eye contact also emplies that you are interested and engaged in what the person is saying.

Eye content has also been shown by studies to convey that you are sincere and gives you credibility. Not only that, but it asserts dominance, which is important to get what you want on your road to success. When it comes to face-to-face communicating nothing will give you better results than good eye contact.

15) Fail
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I interviewed a former finance professor with a Doctorate degree, while I planned to talk to him about his successes as an internet entrepreneur. All he wanted to talk about was his defining moment at age twenty-eight. At this point of his life he was ridiculed in the national news for conversational statements he made about wealth and race disparities. With pressure to fire him by alumni of the university he was working for and the public outcry calling for him to be fired. He decided to quit his well-paying career. Here he was twenty eight years old with no career or certain of his financial future. However, three years later, he had one of most popular financial websites on the web, a popular documentary that he directed, and a YouTube channel which was viewed by over five million people per month. He said that the year that he was forced out of the university made him the man he had become. I asked him how did he bounce back and make successes out of himself. He simply stated that you failed and failed fast after that. He become fearless and took so much action that failure was inventible, yet so was

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