The Importance Of Childhood Nutrition

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Supporting our body’s basic need is majorly depended on consuming and digesting food in which we can conclude to a main topic, nutrition. Nutrition is not a paper work that showing people how to eat healthily but in fact, it is a continuing subject for every person even infants since this is how people sustain their bodies for well development and proper function. Malnutrition, according to the article “Hunger and Malnutrition” from Seattle Children’s Hospital, can lead to mild problems such as mental depression and poor immune function to serious situations as mental retardation, learning disabilities, emotional and behavioral disabilities and attention deficit disorder. Most of these improper functioning of human bodies even can trace back …show more content…

Furthermore, when children are at the school age, education institutes have the responsibilities to create a well developed environment offering appropriate and enough nutrition for every one as long as these are the places they will stay for most of their lives except homes. As Johnson and Ansel (2017) articulate the function of school lunch program, we can understand how this program support childhood nutrition by investing healthier food and following government instruction, and also how it correlates with parents and caregivers in technology and communication methods. Having the apprehension of nutrition for human, children can acquire what is necessary for better development easily and …show more content…

For instance, lacking calcium, the mineral which helps for developing an emotional system, might result in anxiety, depression and autism. In addition, children who suffer emotional problems or mental illness due to nutritional imbalances are less likely to have a long-lasting relationship that is necessary for personal satisfaction and growth. This disability of holding a close relationship with a person can so far as to have low self-esteem and inability to thrive academically and in the work place (“Nutrition and Child Development”,

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