The Importance Of Building Individual And Organizational Performance

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the organizations recruitment goals be achieved with the greatest speed and at the least possible cost to the firm. 4. Building Individual and organizational performance, Human resource departemnts are unique in their potential to grow and develop to meet new challenges. Organizations have come to realize that substantial investments are required to facilitate employee progression in terms of training and developing their personnel. Companies are increasingly implementing different strategies in terms of providing training programs to develope employees’ professional skills. These strategies are step for the employees to grow and learn through professional development and educational assistance programs. Building individual performance…show more content…
Extraordinary performances from these individuals will replicate on the overall organizational performance. Therefore, it is important for firms to engage in employee skill improvement schemes. It is essential to build a high-performance corporate culture in improving individual and organizational performance. Many organizations have faltered in their aspirations for the simple fact that their overall ambitions have not been consistent with their employees’ goals and objectives. Often, the main goal of the employees is to get their job done with little discretion of the company’s revenues, which is the overall organizational goal. A conflict of interests in terms of organizational objectives and individual goals has led to failure of many businesses. In fact, firms have improved their performances after aligning their goals to be consistent with their staff members’ overall organizational profitability. Furthermore, it is important to get in place a good motivation system. In order to extract good performances from employees, it is essential to motivate them. 5. Rewarding Employees’ performance appraisals are a crucial link in the HRM process: they are the means through which organizations make assessments on their personnel performance and determine appropriate rewards or remedial actions. The HRM…show more content…
It is worth to note that although profitability is the ultimate priority of any organization, it is the human element, which facilitates this goal. Firms should therefore give the utmost regard to the efficiency and effectiveness in their personnel management process. Organizations that have implemented an efficient HRM process have often been very successful in their operations. The performances of the organization’s employees epitomizes the overall organizational performance. A well organized management and handling of these personnel is therefore quintessential in improving the organizations overall returns. It is fair to say that the importance of HRM is attributed to overall performance of the organization. A proficient management of the human resource in every aspect results in better organizational
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