The Importance Of Appearance

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Creative and Original Title Goes Here Appearances are much more than how something simply looks. An appearance is how something is viewed in various facets, including the physical, intellectual, and emotional traits of the given person. Furthermore, there are different points of view when discussing appearances. There are the appearances we give ourselves, and the appearances others give us. Even though these appearances define who we are to the naked eye, they are almost never the complete truth. We are characterized by how others see us, and not necessarily who we actually are. This false sense of truth masks reality, and deceives the beholder. We are all influenced by what we see. Whether we admit it or not, everyone is constantly judging both themselves and others by their appearances. It doesn’t matter if it’s a bodybuilder, or the average person, we automatically jump to conclusions about them based on how they look. Although bodybuilders are physically capable of many wonderous things, we assume they must be compensating for a below-average brain. We assume that body-building consumes their entire life, and they are intellectually…show more content…
Emotional and mental aspects are not to be overlooked when differentiating appearance with reality. In the field of criminology, the general population is exposed to and has interacted with the most well-behaved and the most polite of people. People who are perfect models of virtue and goodness. Underneath this shroud of morality, however, it is not infrequent that a man or woman is raging with anger or destructive thoughts. Take Ted Bundy, for example. He was the perfect example of an educated gentleman on the outside, equipped with a one-tracked mind yearning to kill. Bundy lured, murdered, and raped countless unsuspecting women. Wearing the costume of a well put-together man, he was able to manipulate and take advantage of many

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