Importance Of Physical Attractiveness

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Physical attractiveness is a generally valued characteristic (Feingold,1992). Plumpness is regarded as a symbol of prestige and physical attractiveness in the traditional Chinese culture. But now, because some socio-cultural and environmental factors, such as socio-economic status (SES), peer pressure, ethnicity, parental factors, and physical appearance pressure from social media and the cultural ideal of slimness. Chinese notion of female beauty has been overshadowed and result in increasing preferences of unrealistic attractiveness standards and more frequent of appearance comparisons with peers or media ideals (Tam, C. K., Ng, C. F., Yu, C. M., & Young, B. W., 2007; Jones 2004; Thompson et al. 1999). In China, compared to boys, girls feel…show more content…
Dion, Berscheid, and Walster’s (1972) summarized a conclusion from physical attractiveness studies: “What is beautiful is good.” This conclusion has been widely cited. Many researches support this conclusion and demonstrate that physical attractiveness can help people get more positive social outcomes in social interaction. Physical attractiveness has positive correlation with happiness, finding love and being successful in work. People tend to desire to build and maintain a close social relationship with people who is physical attractiveness (Lemay Jr, E. P., Clark, M. S., & Greenberg, A. ,2010). Attractive people have more friends, more dates (Feingold, 1992) and they are more persuasive than people who are not attractive because they have characteristics that can let them get more effective communications (Chaiken, S. ,1979). Physical attractiveness can bring positive outcomes to a person in finding job and work such as making more money (Roszell, Kennedy, & Grabb, 1989). Compare to unattractive people, good-looking people was evaluated more positively and was being hired much easily (Bardack, N. R., & McAndrew, F. T. ,1985). When job application was mediocre, physically attractive people in experimental group was being weighted much heavily than control group which applications have no photograph (Watkins, L. M., & Johnston, L. ,2000). For salary, beautiful people can earn more money than average look people and average look people earn more than plain people. In addition, unattractiveness women are less likely to participate in the labor force and compared to attractive people, they are more likely to married with men who is in low human capital (Hamermesh, D. S., & Biddle, J. E.,