The Importance Of A Special Education Teacher

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Initially the special education teacher needs to collaborate with the gifted teacher to create a comfortable environment within the classroom setting to show John is a valuable member of the class. When, teachers let students become more actively involved in several of learning activities it can help students retrain information especially if it’s processed towards a real life situation. The gifted teacher needs to come to realize that all students in her classroom need to have feeling of comfort within the classroom. Collaborating more within the classroom means more student talk is heard than teacher talk. The more students talk the better their achievement will be. When the teacher hears students conversations it could generate ideas for assignments that John would feel more comfortable with. Especially if the special education teacher got to know him on a more personal level to find out any interests that he is passionate about. The special education teacher should encourage the gifted teacher to continue to follow the IEP plan for John. Additionally, both teachers and parents need to set some short term goals for and with John to use within the classroom. With the teachers and parents collaborate it makes the goal more attainable and achievable for success. Some recommendations the special education teacher should communicate with the gifted teacher are some specific strategies for John such as be flexible with deadlines for turning in assignments. Other recommendations to help John develop are giving him some useful strategies for dealing with any negative social situations, encourage John to participate in outside social activities, and Structure class activities so that students with OCD are not isolated. Recommendation... ... middle of paper ... ...m John’s parents and any information on the progress from John classroom teacher. The principal is checking for if all efforts have been made to ensure that all Johns’ personal needs have been met. As the special education teacher its vital that there is parental involvement and encouragement to help John feel acclimated within the gifted class so his talents will not be wasted. Communicating with other special education teachers whether email, newsletter, or having informational session are beneficial to the success of students with disabilities and a helpful resource for classroom teachers. Classroom teachers are always extremely busy with the day to day classroom activities but are important that general education get educated on any resources or strategies they can use in their classrooms that benefit general education and students with any type of disabilities.
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