The Importance Of A Meaningful Life

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The question “What is a Meaningful Life?” is very complex and every person has a different answer for it. For some it is just plain being well off in life and others it is being surrounded by those they love. The ideas I have towards the meaning of life could be totally separate from the ideas of another. With that thought process I wanted to see the perspective of someone of an older generation that being my mother Teresa. A little back ground her is that as of this year she will be 42, she grew up moving a lot never really settling, and finally she was raised a Christian but later converted to Islam. What I heard from her really opened my eyes, I saw that she had ideas similar to mine and ideas that were the polar opposite. I found that…show more content…
My mother at the age of 17 ended up leaving home and going into the world without a purpose and no direction she told me that is why purpose is the biggest factor for her because until she found her purpose in life she had no meaning. The second thing is god my mother being raised in a strict Catholic house hold and having it forced upon her lead to her resenting religion until she found Islam. She stated that without some sort of belief system no matter what it is a human cannot have some type of overall meaning, what is done here on earth will all become meaningless without something to follow. My mother also put a heavy emphasis on community or what she called “family” she believes that blood does not make family that everyone who is close to you is family, my mother grew up with loose connections with her blood family everyone split or fighting so she created her own family of those she cared about the most. She found meaning in taking care of these people, and eventually came to the ideology that one has to take care of those who are close to them and give everything they can to making their life better and in the process making…show more content…
At first people look at these questions like what does it mean to live a meaningful like and look down upon it thinking it is a stupid and simple question, I know I did. But when you take a second and look closer at these questions they are a lot more complex then they look. They don’t have a “correct” answer and every single person will answer it differently. Just that part alone is enough to make it very interesting the fact that even my mother who I receive a lot of my views from will have very different answers to these questions is mind blowing. Through sitting down and thinking about it I have gained a whole new level of respect for these questions like this and have gained a new way to view

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