The Importance Of A Family Unit

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A family unit is very important. It’s only natural for a person to want to establish a family once they are older. Every family unit is different. You have family units that consist of children, some consist of only animals, same-sex parents, and adoptive/foster parents. Regardless of the characteristic differences, religion, and beliefs all families are unique and special in their own way. Each family member plays a vital role in the family unit and each role is just as important as the other. Even though models of families are reforming and developing, there isn’t a model which appears to be more acceptable than the other. The nuclear family is perceived as the most successful family by society and the fact that most families do not follow the model of the nuclear family is blamed on other social issues by society. However, problems and successes associated with different types of families is a result of the people in those families, but not the family type itself. (Lamanna & Riedmann, 2012) illustrates how different types of families are formed and classified under different categories; nuclear family, adoptive family, foster family, extended family, single parent …show more content…

Diversification in the family unit is increasing and becoming the new social norm (Kumar, 2017). With many children coming from different families and backgrounds, there is no such things as uncommon families anymore. Blended or step-families can be classified into two categories: Simple step families and complex step families. A simple stepfamily only consists of one step-parent, where all the siblings are biologically the children of the absent parent. A complex blended family consist of both parents having children from a previous conjugal union, which also includes children conjoined couple conceived together (Lamanna and Riedmann,

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