The Impact Of Pierre Bourdieu's Contribution To The World Of Fashion

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Pierre Bourdieu (1930-2002) was one of the many contributors whose ideas are applicable to the information we have been able to obtain so as to understand the structure and the relationships between the various social classes that make up society. In my essay I will discuss how Bourdieu’s observations have been applied to the world of fashion in terms of how people are socially grouped and how these ideas also allow us to understand the behaviour of people in South Africa’s society at present, especially with the younger generation. Field can be considered objectively as the various aspects that contribute to the formation of today’s society (Entwistle, Rocamora, 2006: 735). Rocamora and Entwistle (2006) looked at the field of fashion by using…show more content…
This again relates to the selling of tickets as in order for a large number of tickets to be sold, there needs to be a demand for them. Designers need to be associated with the right people and use the social capital that they have obtained in order to have the right audience so as to boost their brand and show status (Rocamora, Entwistle, 2006: 740). Lastly, I will look at cultural capital. This is generally the objects or activities that people take an interest in (Rocamora, Entwistle, 2006: Cultural capital has been shown to vary according to class and is linked to economic capital. The wealthy tend to like the best wine or the most captivating art whilst those of a lower class tend to like things that can benefit them. However, cultural capital is not solely restricted to the upper class as education can provide exposure to it, however it will not be at the same level as those who constantly exposed (Trigg, 2001: 110). During London fashion week, cultural capital is in the form of the designer brands that are put on display for people to appreciate and when it is combined with economic capital, it is known as "fashion capital", because in order for one to obtain the finest brands a relatively large amount of economic capital is also needed (Rocamora, Entwistle, 2006:

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