The Impact Of Packaging, Packaging And Brand Awareness On Brand Loyalty

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• Manilall Dhurup, Chengedzai Mafini, Tshepiso Dumasi – Authors • (2014) – Year of publication • “The impact of packaging, price and brand awareness on brand loyalty: evidence from paint retailing industry ” – Title of the study • AOSIS Open Journals – Journal name • 14 – Volume no. of journal • (1) – Issue no. of journal • a194 – Page no. Review of literature for article 1: • Purpose of study – The impact of price, packaging & brand knowledge on brand loyalty. • Methodology Adopted – A quantitative survey approach using Regression & one-way analysis of variance test . • Findings –Initiation & implementation of effective packaging, pricing and brand awareness enhances consumers brand loyalty to the company’s products. • Managerial Implications…show more content…
Seasonal and festival time have a great influence on paint market. Article 4: • Dr. A. Ananda Kumar– Authors • (2016) – Year of publication • “Factors Influencing Customers Buying Behavior” – Title of the study • Global Journals Inc.– Journal name • 16 – Volume no. of journal • (3) – Issue no. of journal Review of literature for article 4: • Purpose of study –Customer buying behavior on purchase, their perception and competitor attributes towards product. • Methodology Adopted –A descriptive research along with Random sampling method, for Data analysis Anova, Ranking method & Cluster Analysis. Data analysis done using SPSS 16.0. • Findings –seniors of the family have the final decision power for buying a product, brand loyalty is given priority. • Managerial Implications –Seasonal discount & media advertising have a greater scope to increase the product(paint) sale. • Conclusion – customers do not compromise with brand loyalty also decision making factor plays a great role in buying behavior. Article 5: • Thomas M. Bayer, John Page– Authors • (2014) – Year of publication • “The ingenious marketing of modern paints” – Title of the study • Historical Research in Marketing– Journal name • 6 – Volume no. of

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