The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot

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Our DNA holds more information about us than anything else does, just a single strand of hair is enough to know who you are, where you been and what you have been doing. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks by Rebecca Skloot, talks about the injustice Henrietta went through where companies made millions of her HeLa cell line. Henrietta had no clue what doctors did to her yet she and her family never saw a penny from the profits made, never did she give permission. Leading to the taking of peoples DNA without consent has become a troubling problem in the US. The injustice faced by Henrietta Lacks and others have from DNA and companies making money, yet some benefits came out of this such as the HeLa line which is used for various reasons now. Laws have been changing protecting such things yet it seems as it still goes on and henrietta wasn't the only one.

Henrietta Lacks a name forgotten in science, yet might be the most important women in research and science. In 1951 she was diagnosed with terminal cervical cancer and doctors that time were known for experimenting on “negros”. Henrietta lacks was sentenced to death with that cancer, yet her cancer had cells were found to be immortal. Great profits made from this without her ever knowing. Doctors found it wasnt worth telling her since at that time there wasn't any obligations or laws specifying about taking DNA without consent. While she thought she wasn't being cured she was actually just being used, although created a breakthrough in science which changed it forever. After dying her family started understanding what cells were and started to see how the doctors and companies took advantage of her. Family stayed poor and never saw a dime while a multimillion-dollar industry aro...

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...on of DNA is still going on families are still facing this problem till this day.

As we saw with Henrietta Lacks taking advantage of its an ongoing dispute over DNA collection here in the US and in other countries as well, where DNA holds more informations about someone than anything else. Although others may have another view on this perhaps this could help someone understand more about themselves of any diseases that can happen or help the world of science just like the HeLa cells. The lacks family gained understanding and want justice yet their Henrietta helped the world advance. Other stories such as the taking of DNA from students under 18 without consent proves DNA collection is still happening and might get worse in the next couple of years. Overall there will always be unconsented collection of our DNA like we saw with these stories, the debate is still on.
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