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The Hound of the Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, continues the curse of the Baskervilles with the legend of the hound. Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson must solve the mystery before the Baskerville family comes to an end. Therefore the author explains the theme of not being ruled by fear through characters dying, research being affected, and characters changing throughout the novel.
For instance Sir Charles died because of his fear of the hound. When Dr. Mortimer explains to Sherlock Holmes and Watson the scene of Sir Charles’s death. Mortimer knows extra information about Sir Charles because he was his doctor and close friend. This is revealed when Dr. Mortimer states “Sir Charles's nervous system was strained… so much so nothing would induce him to go out upon the moor at night… a ghastly presence haunted him…”(23). …show more content…

Henry is leaving the Stapletons’ house after a dinner to celebrate the engagement of him and Miss Stapleton. He walks upon the moor at night making his way home as he is scared for his life. For instance the author states “The steps grew louder, and through the fog, as through a curtain, there stepped the man we were awaiting (Sir Henry)… he glanced over either shoulder like a man who is ill at ease.” (211). Sir Henry is walking across the moor at night even though he is warned not to do so ever. Henry is quickly walking home through the fog in the gloomy night it is not knowing what awaits him. Sir Henry is afraid of what he might encounter with on his way back to Baskerville Hall. As Henry moves along the trail he is even more scared as he hears all kinds of noises.
As a result not being controlled by fright characters die, their work is influenced, and grow throughout the novel. The Hound of the Baskervilles describes how fear changes the way we think and act to a problem. Fear also helps us grow as a person and become stronger. Once you are faced with a fear you can always overcome

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