The Hound Of Baskrianville Theme Essay

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Theme (in literature) - range of events, life events presented in work in organic connection with the problem that arises from them and requires reflection. The theme of the artwork is different from everyday events of reality that it describes a phenomenon perceived, seen by the artist. Subject inherently linked to specific sensual, creative thinking, tends to the story as developments involving characters. Thus, the theme, plot, character, problem is the different faces holistic vision of human reality, finding hidden essence, the meaning of life. With this firmly connected object-subject relationship is born the idea of aesthetic work, which expresses the author 's estimation shown his understanding of the issue as query-problem.…show more content…
As soon as you start reading “The Hound of Baskerville”, the first impression when Dr. Mortimer arrives to unveil the mysterious curse of the Baskervilles Hound wrestles with questions of natural and supernatural occurrences. The doctor himself decides that the marauding hound in question is a supernatural beast, and all he wants to ask Sherlock Holmes is what to do with the next of kin. But from Holmes ' point of view, every set of clues points toward a logical, real- world solution. Considering the supernatural explanation, Holmes decides to consider all other options before falling back on that one. Sherlock Holmes personifies the intellectual 's faith in logic, and on examining facts to find the answers. From his point of wives this story more truthful than fantastic, but author’s mysterious hound, an ancient family curse, even the ominous Baskerville Hall all set up a Gothic- style mystery that, in the end, will fall victim to Holmes ' powerful logic. In the second novel “The Picture of Dorian Gray” the author represent more fantasy than truth. From the first page of the novel reader can not realize that, the end will be fantastic. Unlike Conan Doyle, Wild shows reality…show more content…
Analyzing her poems shows that author do not have two poems that have exactly the same understanding of death. Death is sometimes gentle, sometimes menacing, and sometimes simply inevitable. In poem “I heard a Fly buzz – when I died –,” Dickinson view the natural physical process of dying. This poem emphasize that death is a normal things and speakers is already dead and tell readers her experience of dying. She explained that there is a moment of calm between a storms of life and death. The author not just describing death, she also shows the feeling and last sensation before her death. There is disagreement over the symbolic significance of the fly and its relationship to the death of the

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