The Holy Spirit And The Holy Spirit

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One of the primary works of the Holy Spirit is to bring men and women into a meaningful encounter with the Risen Christ. Guided by His Spirit, we can truly discover Jesus Christ and develop a genuine relationship with Him if we respond with total surrender and generosity. Soon enough, Christ’s love becomes the center of our lives and saturates us with joy and peace. Hence, when we have had a personal encounter with Jesus Christ by the Spirit’s power, our greatest desire is that our loved ones may also enjoy a similar experience. But we are often unsuccessful when attempting to evangelize to those closest to us. Consequently, we sometimes feel impatient or discouraged, confused or frustrated, saddened or hopeless. The Holy Spirit pours within us the zeal to give witness to Christ and to evangelize to our loved ones. Moreover, it is only this same Spirit that can empower us to do so effectively.…show more content…
It is also through this virtue that we acknowledge how God is worthy of all glory in all things, including those blessings pertaining to our spiritual life. Without humility, we continue to engage in bitterness, fury, anger, shouting, and reviling, along with all malice. However, humility makes it possible to be kind to others, compassionate, and forgiving towards other people, because humility reminds us that we can just as easily err and sin as those we are speaking with. As we endeavor to bring Christ to others through our words and testimony, let us remember to first bring others to Christ through our prayers and sacrifices. If we do not know how to pray as we ought, let us not lose hope. The Spirit of God “comes to the aid of our weakness,” and “intercedes with inexpressible groanings.” (Rom 8:26) The Holy Spirit will accompany us in our prayers and sacrifices, our words and deeds, and our Christian testimony and living. He will certainly do this if we let

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