The History and Evolution of The Windows Server

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For my research paper, I chose to write about the history of Microsoft Windows Server. The reason I chose history of windows server, because it is important to know how it has evolved over the years. My goal is to inform and enlighten the reader and give the reader a better understanding of Windows Server. I will accomplish this by first discussing the start of Microsoft's server history, development, improvements, and then discuss my estimates about the future of Windows Server improvements. At the end of this paper I hope this will give you a better understanding of windows server functionality and reasoning for each evolution.

What is a server? Webster's dictionary describes a computer server as,” a computer in a network that is used to provide services to another computer on a network.” Now, the question a lot people will ask “Can a desktop computer be a server computer? The answer is no. A desktop computer may have all the hardware requirements but the major difference is the purpose in which it was designed. Now there are still several differences that separate the two but because a server operates around the clock. It conducts such task as managing server and server data among other tasks. The servers engineered design enables the server to handle this heavy pay load.

The History of Windows servers started in the early 1970’s. Bill Gates and Paul Allen who were college students at the time were motivated and inspired after reading an article about a group of inventors featured a public periodical. The subject that inventors were discussing was the creation of a microcomputer, now known as Altair 8800. The two young future pioneers continued to read the article and the wheels of their inner genius started began to s...

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...f Windows Server improvements. Hopefully, you have clear understanding how Windows server has been a ground breaking force in the computing world for more than three decades. This concludes my presentation.

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