The History Of Brooklyn Bridge In New York City

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It's been amazing driving above the East River which connects the boroughs of Manhattan and Brooklyn in New York City. Of course, it is Brooklyn Bridge. It is beautiful to visit in the day but looks more beautiful and glamorous at night. Brooklyn Bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the United States which attracts the visitor's attraction. This a big achievement for the USA which completed early in 1883 after 14 years of hard work. The biggest thing is, it is the first steel-wire suspension bridge. It's a safe passage for millions of travelers, tourists, trains, cars, bicycles, and other transportations. For its outstanding historical significance, in 1964, it was designated a National Historic Landmark and a National Historic Civil Engineering …show more content…

Approximately 600 workers were related to the construction and total cost at that time was $15 million. As it was constructed after the Civil War when the racism between people’s was very severe. The workers were actually poor and immigrated people. So they got paid very less wage like $2 dollars for a day or something. They also worked under a very uncomfortable situation like in very hot weather, in rain, under water which made many of them sick. They also get many types of normal disease to serious disease like headaches, itchy skin, bloody noses and slowed heartbeats. More than 100 workers suffered of numbness, speech impediments, joint pain, paralysis, convulsions and some were dead. There were very fewer safety rules for them at that time. Their contribution made it possible to construct the bridge. When the first day it opened, approximately 250,000 people walked across it and people witnessed a great invention. A week after the opening, approximately 20,000 people were on the bridge when a wrong panic started that the bridge was about to collapse. Then people started to run and twelve people were crushed to death and many people

In this essay, the author

  • Explains that brooklyn bridge is one of the oldest bridges in the united states which attracts the visitor's attraction.
  • Explains that the brooklyn bridge was designed by german immigrant john augustus roebling and construction started in 1869. he was severely injured during the construction and died of tetanus.
  • Explains that the bridge was constructed after the civil war when the racism between people's was severe. they suffered from numbness, speech impediments, joint pain, paralysis, convulsions and some were dead.
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