The High School Band Room

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The High School Band Room

It is impossible to fully comprehend the appeal to the Gulf Coast High School Band Room unless you are actually a member of the band. All members of the Gulf Coast High School marching band spend the majority of their time in the band room, which is like a second home for most. The room itself does not appear to be anything special. It is a large room with a high ceiling, bright fluorescent lighting, and pink and green padding on the walls. The hallway maintains a terrible odor which nobody can quite determine the source of, and the white, vinyl tile floor is covered in a layer of disgusting things one can only dream of. Still, for some reason it remains a haven to about twelve percent of the student body. At first glance, it does not look like anything special, but when you open that big, gray door and step into the “band world” it becomes clear that it really is an amazing and wonderful place. It feels like the center of the universe.

In the band room, everybody has a purpose and everybody has a group of friends who are always there when they are needed. The whole band already spends a lot of time in the band room due to the busy schedule of practices, classes, football games, and band trips, so it quickly becomes a familiar location for all band members. So much time is spent in the band room after school that nobody even equates band with school anymore. The band room is often the place where people take refuge when school gets to be too much for them. Everyone knows what to expect from the band room. It is the one thing that never changes. Every day there is always someone playing music on the stereo system, someone practicing, someone making people laugh, someone complaining, and someone studying. It is always the same thing. When you cannot depend on consistency anywhere else, you can always depend on it in the band room.

Another aspect of the band room that lures people in is comedy. There is always something entertaining going on. Imagine a place where nobody is worried about what other people think. First impressions don’t matter in the band room. Everyone is free to be themselves, and when people are themselves it gets interesting.

The band room is my favorite place in Naples because, as a member of the band, I have spent a great deal of my spare time there, and it is the location I associate with all of my friends.

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