The Hair Loss Disease Alopecia Areata

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The Hair Loss Disease Alopecia Areata Alopecia areata is a non-life threatening hair loss disease. It may not literally kill you, but in other ways deep down it could. I know this from my personal life. I have been an individual that has been suffering from alopecia for the past six years. It’s not easy living in this world with it. I feel at times that it’s a pain just to go to school and be in public with my disease. It does not matter where you go but people are always starring at you and whispering about you, because you have no hair or bald spots throughout your scalp. I know that my disease has changed me and made me be the person that I am. Due to always looking different to others, I’ve grown to never judge people by their looks. I’m as normal as any other person, except for the fact that I loose my hair and at times I’m almost completely bald. I chose to research Alopecia areata as part of my portfolio because not only will it help my grade in genetics it will help me understand and learn more about my disease. I have never been fully educated about what I have. My parents don’t understand it either. At first when I found out what I was suffering from my mother and I tried everything we could, at one point I was getting 60 shots of steroids in the scalp. Back about three years ago, I gave up going to all the different Doctor appointments. By doing that I was hoping that my Alopecia areata would run it’s course and my hair would just grow back and stay for good. Now That I have been doing this research on it and finding out that I am not alone with this. I’m going to do something about my disease and hopefully find something that will help. I already know that there is no cure but I’m sure there are some kind of... ... middle of paper ... ...s is Alopecia Areata you can begin some kind of treatment. There are not many treatments out there. I know that my dermatologists put me on steroids that were injected into my scalp every three weeks. We found out with my form of Alopecia areata it made it worse. The only thing it did for me was made me really fat. This made my whole condition ten times worse being in the 5th grade at the time. There are many kinds of chemicals that you can try to stimulate your hair follicles to get the hair to grow and stay. Everyone that has Alopecia areata has potential of his or her hair growing back and staying then being in a remission. You will never cure it forever you will always have it and have to deal with it. There are different kinds of therapy’s that you can do, but if you’ve had Alopecia areata for over two years you only have about 40% chance that it will help.

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