The Green Mile

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The Green Mile

The name of the book that I read is, The Green Mile. The Green Mile comes in

either the series or one big book. There are six books in the series. The names

Is 1. The Two Dead Girls. 2. The Mouse on the Mile. 3. Coffey's Hands. 4. The

Bad Death of Eduard Delacroix. 5. Night Journey. 6. Coffey on the Mile. The book

is written by Stephen King. The book has 536 pages in it. The Green Mile was

published by Pockets Books.

The main characters in this story Paul Edgecombe, John Coffey, William Wharton,

Eduard Delacroix, Brutus Howell, Dean Stanton, Harry Terwilliger, and Percy

Wetmore. There are many other characters, but they aren't quite as important to

the story and aren't mentioned as often. Paul Edgecombe is in charge of all the

inmates in the E Block. The author never really says what Paul looks like.

John Coffey is a huge black man. He is about six foot eight, and was broad in

the shoulders and in the chest, there was muscle everywhere on his body.

William Wharton is crazy. He calls himself Billy the Kid. Billy the Kid was an

outlaw who broke every law imaginable, and was a psycho. He is sort of skinny

and he has brownish colored hair. He tries to kill Dean Stanton with a chain.

Eduard Delacroix is a short, half-bald, Frenchman, who has a "pet" mouse. Del

teaches the mouse to do tricks and things. Brutus Howell, who was nicknamed

Brutal, but wouldn't hurt anything unless he had to, is a bigger man too. He

isn't really stupid, he just can't spell worth two cents. Dean Stanton and

Harry Terwilliger work with Paul, but aren't really a main characters, but they

helps Paul take John to Melinda Moores, who is sick with brain cancer, and they

are mentioned quite a bit throughout the story. Percy Wetmore also works with

Paul and everyone else. No one likes him because he is mean, ugly, and stupid.

He would always yell out stupid things at inappropriate times.

The setting takes place in a state penitentiary called Cold Mountain. The

story also takes place in Paul's home and at the Moores' home. The setting is

essential to the story because of the weather that seems to play a part in the

surroundings of the penitentiary. One outstanding feature of the setting is

that it's in a state penitentiary.
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