The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald

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The Great Gatsby by Fitzgerald Throughout the novel, Gatsby's dialogue and actions contribute to the overall impression of greatness in Gatsby. Most of these attributes are made visible to the reader by Gatsby's obsession to being reunited with Daisy, his long lost love. Gatsby's actions towards Nick also give the impression to the reader of the greatness in Gatsby. The first impressions of Gatsby come at the beginning of the book through Nick, a newcomer to West Egg and his meeting with Gatsby for the first time. Gatsby welcomes him with open arms, showing that his personality is not consistent with the stereotype of rich people being uncaring toward people who are less wealthy. Gatsby's parties were second to none anywhere. The novel describes the parties as being huge affairs with thousands of lights and hundreds of people, most of which were not invited to attend. Gatsby did not mind and let them stay anyway, and stayed inside his house the entire time by himself, not wanting to attract attention to himself. These parties and the attitude of Gatsby towards the parties shows how much Gatsby was committed for Daisy to come to his house, and how he feels towards guests each contribute greatly to the readers' overall idea of Gatsby's greatness towards others in the story. Gatsby makes several advances to help Nick, by inviting him to his party, cutting his grass for free, and to offer Nick a business proposition that probably would have been very lucrative for Nick. These offers to help Nick show the reader Gatsby's greatness in respect in trying to help people that are ... ... middle of paper ... ... Even after Gatsby's death, Nick continues to show how much he was influenced by Gatsby's greatness. Nick assumes the responsibility for finding people to attend Gatsby's funeral, and cares for Gatsby's grief-stricken father when he arrives for the funeral. Nick would not have been so caring for a man who he did not consider great, which shows the reader that Gatsby's influence on others was another part of his greatness. Gatsby's title as great is well earned though his accomplishments in his life. This novel describes his dialogue and actions to the reader so that the reader can perceive the greatness in his or her own perception of the symbolism. Gatsby's greatness extends well beyond his life through his hopes, his dreams, and his influences on the people he met during his brief existence, and his love for Daisy.
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