The Great Gatsby Feminist Analysis

As Mark Twain once declared, “What would men be without women…” This quote is clearly illustrated in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s timeless masterpiece The Great Gatsby. The Great Gatsby is the tragic love story of a poor man who falls in love with a rich girl and spends the rest of his life getting rich to impress her; however, in the end he dies alone without his love fulfilled. Although Fitzgerald’s novel is mainly androcentric, he uses several females each unique in their personalities to highlight the male characters, and to show that although people may have different desires, motivations, and needs they are not that different from each other. The first way the women were similar but different was in their desires. Firstly, there was Daisy…show more content…
Daisy Buchanan 's motivation for true love was one caused by the way her husband treats her as an object: "Daisy loved me when she married me and she loves me now." This is important because people are not objects and should never be treated like objects because it is demeaning and just plain wrong. The psychological affects of that are life altering and the repercussions of that will last for generations. . Myrtle Wilson 's motivation is caused by money because her husband was an auto-mechanic so she did not have money even though she really longed for it. This is important because if Myrtle 's motivation was money rather than love then Tom Buchanan was just means to a cause nothing more or anything less. Jordan Baker 's tomboyish attitude was what drove her to become a professional golfer and what let herself think it was ok to have several boyfriends: "... [by that time] she was engaged to another man." This is when in the book Nick Carraway, her boyfriend, was breaking up with her; however, she was already engaged to someone else. This is important because this shows that even though people may be good they can still be people of ill repute. In this respect, the women are not necessarily the same; however, they all had a motivation to push
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