The Great Chinese Famine

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Today, wars, drugs, and violence plague the world and cause millions of deaths every year, but there is one killer that slips under the radar; that killer is famine. Famine is a killer with a very deadly and diverse set of skills, ranging from physical to mental. With enough power within its hands to cause a hailstorm of deaths in a short amount of time. With that comes the power to massacre whole populations with the flick of a finger. It may take a bit to fully succumb the populace, but once it does, don’t blink. For when your mind and emotions are lost, famine has won, and you are doomed.
Many countries have had first hand accounts with this deathly fellow, and some unlucky ones more than once, leaving a gruesome an undesirable tale amongst their history books. China, two famines, 68 million dead. Russia, one man-made famine, 10 million dead. India, two famines, 11 million dead. These numbers are just facts though, they tell nothing of what these populous countries and their people have been through. All forever scarred by this beast of a creature, and some not only by the beast, but by their own kin. By the leaders they look up to, by the people they trust, and just by the people they risk their lives for everyday to protect and serve. China felt this fury once, but twice. The first by just bad luck and Mother Nature, and unfortunately for the poor souls, the second by a leader who was trying to put his name in history. That he did though, just not in the way he ever wanted or imagined. (10 most...)
China, 30 years, two horrifying famines and many stories to come with them. Within thirty years, the ginormous country of China lost some estimated 68 million people. The first in 1907, due to a massive storm that wiped out 4...

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