The Gothic Period

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The Gothic Period in the twelfth century influenced the creation of Gothic Revival Architecture in the nineteenth century. Gothic architecture began in France in 1140. Some of the first buildings made using this style are the Basilica of Saint Denis and the Cathedral of Sens. (Gothic Architecture By Paul Frank) This style of architecture started losing popularity in the early sixteenth century, but did not die out completely during this time period. Gothic architecture was still predominantly in cathedrals and churches. The rise of Romanticism began in the eighteenth century–leading to an awareness and increased interest of the Middle Ages, specifically interest in church architecture. ( Thus, Gothic Revival Architecture was created. When admirers of neo-Gothic styles wanted to revive medieval Gothic architecture, Gothic Revival Architecture was created—along with many sub styles, such as Polychrome Brick Gothic and Carpenter Gothic in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
All architectural styles have different characteristics. Gothic Revival Architecture has its own characteristics that make it unique to other styles. According to Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission, “Gothic Revival style is part of...picturesque and romantic movement in architecture, reflecting the public’s taste for buildings inspired by medieval design.” ( Gothic Revival Architecture is one of the most unique styles of architecture because it was inspired by medivial design. Another characteristic that also sets this style apart from other architectural style is decorative...

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...t this time, people also had a concern for buildings to be functional and space saving. ( Even with these changes, Gothic Revival Architecture was able to maintain parts of its original design.
In the sixteenth century, Gothic Architecture began to decline but, with the increased interest in Middle Age church architecture in the eighteenth century, Gothic Revival Architecture was created. Gothic Revival Architecture is made up of many Gothic elements. Gothic elements are seen art pieces and literature, but are mostly seen in architecture. Gothic revival architecture was actually created due to people wanting to revive old gothic elements from the twelfth century. These elements can be seen through stained glass windows, arched roofs, buttresses, and high columns. FINISH CONCLUSION PARAGRAPH