The Genius of the American Constitution

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The Genius of the American Constitution Since the advent of human government, one of the principle fears held by the constituents of the government has always been to prevent any form of tyranny or abuse within it. Tyranny can be loosely described as one person or a group of people having total power in a government leading to the subjugation and oppression of people’s rights. Many new nations wish to eliminate any aspect of their government that may eventually lead to tyranny. The United States was no different in this respect; the framers of the Constitution longed to have no signs of tyranny in their government because they had gone to war with Britain for that very reason. In 1787, a group of fifty-five delegates came from throughout the states to meet in Philadelphia to discuss the problems with the current government. The existing Articles of Confederation posed a monumental problem for these individuals; they recognized that the central government was almost entirely powerless under these articles. Besides this, another problem was that the government lacked a court system or a chief executive. The central government did not possess the power to tax the states either. These problems warranted change which prompted these men to get together. This new constitution they were to create was supposed to guard the people against all kinds of tyranny whether it be of a few, the many or majority, or even a single individual. This seemed virtually insurmountable a task to accomplish but was ultimately achieved. The Constitution guards against tyranny by having a central and state government that cannot overrule or have more power over the other, establishing the separation of powers to keep anyone from abusing it, and having a sys... ... middle of paper ... ... addressed and resolved. The existing government under the Articles of Confederation was not simply working and to resolve this, delegates came from almost every state to lay down the foundations for the Constitution. Their task was to create a strong central government without giving too much power to one person or group. The war with Britain and the tyrannical rule of King George III led the people to detest tyranny because they had seen it in effect personally. The task of creating this Constitution was not simple and required some of the brightest minds to come together to ensure that it would fully guard against tyranny. Eventually, a sophisticated system was created that allowed the Constitution to create a strong central government that protected the liberties of the people while simultaneously making it impossible for tyranny to be evident in the government.
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