The General Symptoms of Diabetes Mellitus

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A person suffer from diabetes mellitus has high blood sugar if left untreated. Explain diabetes, blindness and kidney failure


Definition and diagnostic criteria for diabetes mellitus.

Nowadays many people, especially in the developed nations though not solely, suffer from diabetes. American Diabetes Association (2014) had studied that diabetes mellitus is a group of metabolic disorders and which reveal themselves by causing problems in insulin action/-secretion or both and results in dysfunction and eventually failure of many organs. The general symptoms of this disease are increased thirst and polyuria,which means that within 24 hours there is a urine production of at least 3+ liters, as well as glycosuria,which is the presence of glucose in urine. Many patients also lose a lot of weight or suffer from blurry vision. If untreated, the worst cases of diabetes mellitus can cause ketoacidosis, in which the body produces acidic ketones from fatty acids due to a lack of insulin (usually in diabetes mellitus type 1). In type 2, a hyperosmolar and hyperglycemic state can result from high blood sugar, which dehydrates the body and increases cell osmolarity. Both complications may lead to death. In the long term, people suffering from diabetes are prone to sexual dysfunction, blindness, renal (kidney-) failure and foot ulcers or even amputation (due to diabetic neuropathy- damaged nerves). Cardio-, cerebro- and peripheral vascular complications also occur in higher number in these patients.

There are three commonly used tests for diabetes mellitus. For diabetes mellitus type 2 the best method to diagnose is the hemoglobin A1c test, which shows the average glucose levels over the course of three months. Should the result...

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