The Four Different Types Of Serial Killers

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When it comes to serial killers the one thing that comes to mind are males. You don’t see many female serial killers its more males when it comes to that. People also may think that serial killers are individuals who kill a lot of people, but there’s more to being classified as a serial killer. These killers usually don 't know their victims and they almost always have "cooling off " periods between the murders, they also usually derive sexual excitement from the killings but there’s still more to being a serial killer. There are four different classifications: power and control, visionary, mission, and hedonistic. What people don’t know is these men can be very smart which makes them become not only more dangerous, but a major threat to our families and society. Most “smart” serial killers prey upon certain victims who they think they can outsmart. These sick smart men unfortunately are very organized so they tend to plan their killings out to make sure everything…show more content…
Out of these four classifications mission killers are third worst killers classified. These men go after individuals who have different beliefs, different sexualities, hookers, and people of different race. In the court of law, they couldn’t be considered as psychotic due to how organized their murders are. Not saying they are in the right state of mind which they obviously aren’t these men do believe they are doing a good deed to our society by eliminating these people they tend to murder. Joseph Franklin was categorized as an mission orientated killer, he victimized and murdered twelve young black men who were involved with white women. The court put him on death row for fifteen years, and was finally executed by lethal injection on November 20, 2013. These type of killers are also very organized hoping not to get caught so they can continue to make society better by eliminating people who are different, and have different beliefs than what they

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