The Feminist Movement

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The opening of a Women’s Studies class began with the “F word” written boldly across the board. Discussion began without an explanation: the reasons why the word is used, how it’s used, the idea that it can be intimidating, and how it can be perceived to those unaware of the context it was being tossed around, was discussed. After ideas were discussed the word Feminism replaced where “the F word” previously staid. (Ray)

Women of the past lived their lives as second class citizens, never being able to contend with the struggles of being a woman born into a “man’s world”. Women have slowly but surely broken the barriers and glass ceilings setup to keep them down. The idea that women are not as strong mentally and physically was replaced with the idea that women might even be stronger in some instances. The feminist movement has been a movement of evolution, but still seems to be a movement that faces stigma, fear and opposition though the message is not lost.

“ Simply put, feminism is a political philosophy and practice centering on the concerns of women and opposing gender inequality”(Feminism). The feminist movement began in1848 in Seneca Falls, New York when the idea was purposed that women deserved equal treatment as men and the right to vote. That idea provoked the first wave of feminism with the women’s suffrage movement. The suffrage movement was accomplished in 1920 when women were granted the right to vote with the 19th amendment. Women saw no need to stop there and began to fight for the rights they believed all deserved, the second wave of feminism began in the 1960. “The Sixties were an edgy time of transition, change, and confusion” observed journalist Kati Marton in “Hidden Power: Presidential Marriages That Shap...

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...lped them make the change from second class citizen to full-fledged members of society. Though the name has caused turmoil and conflict it is the history behind the movement. Feminism is not a bad word it is an empowering word and empowering movement that has changed the world forever.

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