The Federal Reserve And The Federal Reserve

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Ever wonder what is truly done with the money you pay taxes with? Having all of the people in the United States fully aware about our economy’s debt we would be able to manage the money better than the Federal Reserve.
What is the Federal Reserve and what do they really do for our country? The Federal Reserve is the central bank of the United States. It incorporates 12 Federal Reserve branch banks, all national banks and state chartered commercial banks and some trust companies. The Fed seeks to control the United States economy by raising and lowering short term interest rates and the money supply . The national debt for the United States as of 5/5/2014 is $17,475,938,027,085.74 and is increasing $2.42 billion per day. Within the USA there are approximately 318,162,101, if divided within the citizens each citizen would have to pay $54,927.78 .
For starters the first US currency was dated back in 1775 -1791. To finance the American Revolution, paper money was created known as continentals . However inflation occurred due to the lack of financial experience and the continentals became worthless. Then in 1791 the first central bank was open in Philadelphia. Many people were concerned because the central bank has absolutely the most power. In 1811 congress decided contract should not renewed. In 1816 congress leaned on the idea of the central bank again, but when Andrew Jackson was elected he declined the central bank on 1836. Throughout the courses of years there was a free banking era. Then in 1907 there was panic and congress leaned on the central bank. Americans were decided but they wanted to make sure the central bank was limited to power and it would provide for the needs of the economy. There was a dispute in congress in ...

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...rue problem is the job of not listening but paying attention. When the news directs a problem they tell you what they want you to hear which is not the truth. If every American was intact with real national problems there would not be problems and problems of our own. Many Americans are too tired and exhausted to do any form of research because they are working dead end jobs trying to feed their families and themselves. Not to mention paying off the house mortgage or rent so they can have a place called home. Not to mention those who are brutality stuck with what society thinks and are on their phones more than half their day using social media, games and listing to music. If those obstacles are out of the way many Americans would stand up to the government and take control of our nation and put those in the Federal Reserves and corrupt to bring them to justice.
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