The Fall Of Athena And Eris, The Goddess Of Conflict

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29. Eris, the goddess of conflict, was not favored in Troy and was left out during the celebration of King Peleus and Thetis’ wedding. Furious that every other god was invited except her, Eris threw a golden apple in the middle of the crowd, which read, “For the most fairest.” This raised controversy between Hera, Aphrodite, and Athena who all believe they deserve the golden apple. The three goddesses go to Zeus for help, however, Zeus says he doesn’t wasn’t to get involved. He tells them to go to Mount Ida where Prince Paris, a mortal shepherd, would judge them based on their beauty. Hera Aphrodite, and Athena reach Mount Ida and presented themselves to Prince Paris. Paris thought they were all beautiful, so they all tried to bribe Paris and…show more content…
The fall of troy wasn’t caused by the death of Paris but by the Greeks trying to steal the sacred picture of Athena that was preventing Troy from being destroyed. When the Greeks found out about the picture, the Palladium, in the city, they began to devise a plan. Diomedes and Odysseus, two boldest men, try to go and steal the picture but the walls were unbreakable and prevented the Greeks from coming in. Ten years after the war had begun, the Greeks finally decide to build a wooden horse and move it to the gates as if they had admitted their defeat. They went to Odysseus’ skillful worker to help them build the horse, but they had also told him to make the horse hollow to Greek chieftains could hide inside. One night, they rolled the horse in front if the Scaean gates and everybody thought it was an offering for Athena. The Trojans opened the gates, but because of the horse’s size, they are forced to leave it in Athena’s temple. One night, one of the chieftains got out and opened the gate to the city and burned Troy. The idiom “Beware of Greeks bearing gifts” means that one has to be careful when trusting your enemies because there intentions might be different than what one might think. In the myth, the Trojans thought that the wooden horse was an act of generosity but it ended up costing them the war. The computer term “Trojan” is a computer virus that persuades people to install it by tricking them and saying it is a useful software. This virus is very similar to the…show more content…
The Greeks believe that the Underworld is a place where the souls of people go after death based on their behavior in life. Also, in the Underworld there are many paths that one’s soul can forgo such as go to the Elysian Fields, the meadows of asphodel, and the Erinyes. The Elysian Fields is the path of good, like heaven, where the fields are green and peaceful music plays. It was a place where the priests, gods, heroes, and people who helped others went and some were even fortunate enough to return back to Earth by drinking water from the river of forgetfulness. Next, came the meadows of asphodel where the souls of the normal people who didn’t commit any crimes lived. Finally, came the Erinyes, or the Furies, is similar to hell and a abandoned place where the criminals were punished for there sins. The Greeks believed in the Underworld as an afterlife where the souls where transported to continue to live. This believe was similar to Christian beliefs because people had a choice on where they wanted to go, heaven or hell, which are places where the body can continue to live beyond death based on one’s previous actions. However, the Underworld is also very different than other religions contemporary views of what happens after death. For example, in the Hindu religion, people believe that the body will be reincarnated where one can live a new life. These different religions have similar and different views on the life after death because they are all practiced

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