The Extra Mile

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“You never truly know someone until you’ve walked a mile in their shoes” is a famous statement that everyone hears and experience, especially when dealing and understanding others who are completely different from one’s self. This statement resembles the significant message portrayed throughout the book, To Kill a Mocking Bird, written by Harper Lee. The story revolves around a young child named Scout, who lives in a small town of Alabama with her father, Atticus and brother, Jem. There normal lives as southerners change as the family experience many events including the Tom Robinson trial. Atticus’s occupation as a lawyer, entails defending a black man, which challenges the common views of the town and his children’s' that results in struggles. As Scout and Jem become of age and exposed to the prejudice ways of Maycomb County, Atticus is able to guide his kids to acknowledge other’s perspective, which helps them understand others better.
The difficulty of comprehending others’ first begins as Scout considers her teacher, Ms. Caroline’s ways of handling situations that were happening at school. One circumstances being, Ms. Caroline offering Walter Cunningham money, when in deed he could never repay her. Scout struggles understanding why Ms. Caroline is unable to realize the common fact of Walter Cunningham, and places her curiosity upon her father. Which, Atticus clarifies by telling Scout that if she places herself in Ms. Caroline’s position and realizes that as a new comer of town; Ms. Caroline wouldn’t be able to recognize how to handle things. Scout is able to learn from her father’s response and says “Atticus said I had learned many things today, and Miss Caroline had learned several things herself. She had learned not to ha...

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...n them. Just standing on the Radley porch was enough” (Lee 374). Boo Radley was the toughest person to understand especially for Scout. But after getting a glimpse of his life she was able to apprehend his outlook. Scout finally learned what it meant to see other’s perspective to understand them.
Throughout the story, Scout is shown the idea of viewpoint and finally learns that without observing things from other’s perspective it’s impossible to understand them. The world is filled with many different people who have dissimilar lives from one another, and comprehending them is very difficult, especially without trying to place oneself in their situation. Being judgmental and prejudice towards others from your own viewpoint makes that even difficult. In order to be empathetic, taking the extra mile and making the effort to see it through one’s eyes is required.
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