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Role Models Most children have role models or influences in their life that help them grow into the person they will be when they grown up. In this case it happens to be Scout finch leaning life lessons as she grows up into a young lady. The novel To Kill a Mockingbird, by Harper Lee takes place in a Southern town in Alabama during the 1930’s; it shows the many prejudices, and ways of living during this time period in the South. Scout Finch the narrator of the story has grown into the open-minder, and mature character she through the influence of many important people in her life. Scout learns the very important lessons that help her grow up to be a great person through Calpurnia’s lessons of manners, and respect towards others, Atticus’s lessons of keeping your head up, and to use your head instead of fists, and Aunt Alexandra’s lessons of being a proper lady. Scout learns many lessons of manners from Calpurnia her housemaid, cook, and nanny. Calpurnia instills the important lessons of manners, and respect towards others in Scout’s every day life. This lesson especially stands out when Walter Cunningham goes to the Finch hours for lunch during school one day. Walter started pouring syrup all over his food, and got Scout yelling at him, Calpurnia scolded Scout about her judgments, “’There’s some folks who don’t like us,’ she whispered fiercely, ‘but you ain’t called on to contradict ‘em at the table when they don’t. That boy’s yo’ comp’ny and if he wants to eat up the table cloth you let him you hear?’”(32). This quote signifies the importance of the lesson Calpurnia is trying to teach Scout through her scolding of Scout’s disrespect towards Walter. Scout was questioning Walter’s ways of living, and Calpurnia teaches Scout th... ... middle of paper ... ...went through the door.”(37). This helps Scout learn to be a lady through observing her Aunt’s actions. It helps Scout mature too because it will help her understand the importance of acting like a lady. Obviously, Scout has learned many important life lessons. Many people influence Scout, and help her grow in the open-minded, and matured girl she is. First, Calpurnia has instilled manners, and respect towards others in Scout, especially when Scout questions Walter’s ways of eating. Then, when Scout begins to get teased at school for Atticus defending an African American, Atticus asks her to keep her head high, and fists down. Lastly, Aunt Alexandra shows Scout how to be a lady through her actions throughout the novel, and when they find out about Tom Robinson’s death. Obviously, Scout is a child that is greatly influenced by many people in the lessons she learns.

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